This tool detects the main/point-of-view character for each chapter of a book, and allows you create a copy of the ebook with just the chapters about the characters you are interested in. This is not how the author intended it to be read, but you are a free to consume their works how you want, particularly on a second read through.

Please upload the novel to analyse, and restructure.

ePub format is preferred.
Calibre is used to convert other formats, and is also used to preform any of the additional preprocessing options on the right. For full control you can run all these functions locally then just upload an ePub. Unusual formatting/production of some ebooks may cause issues. There should be few problems with modern retail epubs, but may cause issues e.g. for files converted from PDF. If you have significant issues, you may need to reprocess your epubs locally so that each section you wish to split is a different "chapter" (i.e. a different file inside the epub container).

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Additional File Preprocessing:

Character Classification System:


Not violating copyright is your responsibility.

In some jurisdictions you are allowed to modify media you own, so long as you do not distribute the modified form. It is also allowed under the Creative Commons No Derivatives licenses. (the above is merely an expression of my understanding, it does not constitute legal advise.).

This application does not store your uploaded books, and will only ever display the download link to you. Download links will expire after a short period of time.

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